SaltyLama is developing a platform aimed at rebuilding and keeping your TRUST in sustainability.

There are many great companies making great products sustainably, the problem is finding them and identifying which ones you can trust … that’s why SaltyLama was created.


Sustainability made

We’re working hard every day to ensure SaltyLama will positively impact the world around us. In the beginning of 2021 we joined the latest cohort of Founders at the Founder Institute, the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator.

Over the course of 2021, we’ve had the pleasure of participating in the Founder Institute’s pre-seed startup accelerator program. We recently graduated from FI and some exciting updates are on the way.

Thanks to the mentors, judges, fellow Founders and everyone from @founding who helped us make SaltyLama better!


SaltyLama values

Another unique selling proposition at SaltyLama includes their proprietary eco scoring methodology currently being developed by sustainability experts which will also be backed by various known experts in the sustainability space and suppliers are able to obtain product certifications. This will also form part and accelerate their branding strategy. 


Create connections that promote a more sustainable future. 


By helping individuals to think global and shop local with every purchase, we are empowering them, local businesses, and their communities. 


Embrace change and challenges.


Sustainability is a core driving force behind every decision


Honesty and authenticity is vital to sustainable growth. 

safe & environmentally friendly


Safe & Environmentally friendly

SaltyLama is an e-commerce marketplace on a mission to make shopping sustainably easy for people everywhere.

We’re curating the most responsible and sustainably-made products across the globe, so you can find a sustainable solution to nearly every aspect of your life.

From learning where a product is made and the materials it’s made from to sharing where you can find sustainable products locally, SaltyLama makes it easy to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


“What are our plans in the coming year?”

  • To build a comprehensive, location-centric online marketplace of sustainable products.
  • To help consumers make sustainable purchases by offering transparent categorization of various ecological factors, such as certifications, sourcing, and materials. 
  • To encourage consumers to shop locally, which will in turn support local eco-friendly businesses and minimize the ecological footprint of every purchase.
  •  To co-create a community where people can help each other discover new ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.